What is Transition coaching?

Transition coaching assists people dealing with challenging, major and life changing events and transitions in their life, such as, overcoming illness, financial loss or gain, changing careers, starting a family, ending a relationship, recovering from a death, divorce or addition, dealing with promotion, change of existing role, preparing to start a family, moving from education to full time employment, retirement, redundancy, buying, selling or moving home.

Life change is unavoidable and in some instances with life change comes resistance, feelings of fear, loss, overwhelm, anger, anxiety, confusion, disillusionment, frustration, unfulfillment or uncertainty. Whatever the issue may be.

When your confidence is low you experience feelings of very low enthusiasm for life and a lack of motivation to take action, you don’t feel good about yourself and struggle to work towards living your life to its full potential.

What is a Transition coach?

A transition coach provides a supportive, neutral, encouraging, and productive environment for clients going through challenging, major and life changing events and transitions in their life. They provide a safe space, motivation, advice when requested, planning support and a accountability partner to lean on if you struggle with all the challenges that come with life transition.

These transitions can be predictable or expected like getting married or moving house or unpredictable or unexpected when experiencing a death of a loved one or the sudden loss of your job and in some instances the change can be gradual over time and in most all instances be physical and psychological in nature. Inevitably transitions that have an effect on our bodies will ultimately start to have an effect on our minds and vice-versa.
A transition coach helps you clarify your intentions and navigate through the change and help you successfully move into a different phase of your life.

Benefits of Transition coaching

Transition coaching can have many benefits for individuals, some of the benefits when working with a transition coach include:

  • It provides a sounding board for the client to share ideas and thoughts
  • Increasedself-belief, self-esteem and confidence
  • Assists in creating a vision for the future
  • Assists in the reduction and management of stress
  • Development of new skills
  • Assists in focusing on passions, strengths and interests
  • Identifies the important things in life
  • Assists in preparing for the next stage in life
  • Change in attitudes, beliefs and behaviours
  • Assists in career transition planning
  • Gaining clarity and direction in life
  • Assist in overcoming procrastination
  • Provides the tools to analyse and understand the barriers that may get in the way
  • Assists in pushing beyond self-imposed barriers
  • Leads to a healthier and happier more successful life
  • Assists in dealing with personal loss
  • Reduced feelings of overwhelm when dealing with future transitions in life
  • Assist in setting objects and offering support when fulfilling these objects in the long term
  • Provides the tools to have better relationships in the future
  • Leads to increased energy and zest for life
  • Provides direction in life and a map for the path forward