What is Leadership coaching?

When business leaders have the skills, technical knowledge, experience and resources to execute their role within an organisation but seem to struggle and be unable to make a difference this is when leadership coaching is essential to help the client more forward.

Leadership Coaching is when a coach works with business leaders at all levels to assist them in developing their talents, competencies, communication and tailoring specific leadership skills to assist in maximising their skills, talents and performance and turn up as leaders and lead their teams well.
Having strong leadership capability is crucial for career success from the clients first managerial position to more senior leadership roles in the future. Working with a leadership coach through the whole career process puts clients at an advantage over people who try to go it alone.

What is a Leadership coach?

Leadership coaches work with the client to maximise their performance, remove obstacles, increase awareness, clarify and achieve goals , learn new communication skills, overcome emotional hurdles, work more effectively with others and most importantly become an effective and respected leader.
Leadership coaches assist clients in the finding solutions and committing to the action that will move the goal forward and follow up to see that it is achieved, and if not the coach invites more discussion and learning with the client.

A leadership coach assists their clients to become a more well-rounded and confident leaders capable of handling any challenge that may present itself and assists in improving and enhancing the teams overall performance and maximise their skills, talents, group engagement, job satisfaction, increase productivity and create a powerful career development experience for everyone.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can have many benefits for individuals as well as the organisation they are a part of and for the people within the organisation.

Some of the benefits when working with a leadership coach include:

  • Provides an external perspective
  • Teaches listening skills
  • Promotes self-awareness
  • Cultivates an empathic work environment
  • Enhances leadership performance, skills and abilities
  • Assists in reshaping the culture
  • Accelerates talent development
  • Assists in identifying and building strengths
  • Enhances workforce skillsets
  • Increases overall confidence and motivation
  • Assists in getting clarity around what’s missing from the situation
  • Opens up clearer lines of communication
  • Provides tools to open new thought patterns and new thinking
  • Assists in empowering the workforce to speak up
  • Leads to more job satisfaction and work/life balance