What is Group coaching?

Group coaching is exactly as it sounds and takes the coaching conversation into a small group of individuals who may or may not know one another.
The coach creates a safe environment to facilitate and mediate the groups discussion by engaging with each one of the participants and leveraging the resources, skills, untapped knowledge and experience of the individuals working together, focused on goal setting, problem solving, planning, learning and deepening awareness around a common topic, theme or issue, all with different individual performance objectives and all taking individual action and accountability.
Group coaching is a thought provoking, creative process focused on inquiry and exploration and a highly effective way for individuals to come together and overcome challenges they may encounter in an environment that promotes idea diversity, active listening, dialogue, group learning from others as a collective group by working together to find innovative solutions and actions to complex problems and collaboration as individuals who may not know one another in an environment to improve their personal and professional relationships and lives.

The group coaching environment provides a space where individuals can openly share their own experiences and perspectives, which act as learning opportunities for the rest of the group by engaging in discussions with one another about certain problems they may be struggling with.
In most instances many of the individuals are at their best performance when utilise their skills and resources together in a group setting for problem solving, leading change, improving and Increasing engagement.

Benefits of group coaching

Group coaching can have many benefits for individuals, some of the benefits of group coaching for individuals include:

  • Provides an opportunity to work closely with others which may otherwise not exist
  • Clients not only receive support from the coach, they also benefit from the support of their peers
  • Encourages collaboration which leads to greater insights
  • Increases the chances of problem solving and exposes the group to ideas other than their own
  • Assists in developing effective communication skills
  • Working together creates a sense of community and builds deeper relationships and connections through a common experience
  • Promotes strategic thinking
  • Ideal for clients who want to achieve their goal without committing to individual coaching
  • Cost benefit of working in a group
  • Ideal for clients who thrive in a group environment
  • Provides direction in life and a map for the path forward