What is Culture Transformation Coaching?

Culture transformation involves the gathering an appreciation of how aligned everyone is with an organisations values, focusing on the areas where there is evidence of gaps and misalignment and collectively creating actionable processes that help communication of changes that are required.

The change in some instances can be swift, but typically it will take time and starts with individuals, then onto groups and teams and when nurtured will spread to the whole organization.

Dedication and commitment from everyone is essential to assist on the road to cultural change and it is essential everybody involved be provided with the necessary tools and a clear road map of what that change looks like before the journey can begin. Successful culture transformation requires buy-in from all levels of leadership throughout the organization.

It will require challenging the existing culture, making dynamic changes to behaviours, challenging beliefs on how things have always been done and shifting the minds of everyone within the organisation to help support the required standards, attitudes, mindsets and beliefs that will result in a positive cultural transformational outcome within the organisation.

Whether it’s an organisations vision is to provide an amazing workplace or increase productivity, firstly you will need to work on building an unified, adaptive, flexible, and structured culture that delivers results every single day, even during tough times, like the difficult times we all experienced of late during the recent global pandemic.

Cultural transformation in any organisation can be a complicated and difficult process, but, if delivered correctly it can have an extraordinarily positive impact on your organization and its success in the future. The payoff to all the commitment, effort and hard work will be reflected in your productivity and profits, lower employee turnover and increased customer satisfaction. All which are sustainable with continued dedication and commitment.

Statistics show that organisations with a strong culture are at massive competitive advantage over their competitors. Organisations that develop a strong culture in which their people are always well prepared for change, through the good times and the bad will always be positioned ahead of the curve when that change shows up.

Culture transformation involves taking a holistic view of an organisation and refining the communication processes, policies, leadership commitments, systems and procedures, employee and management behaviours and the organisational objectives so they align with the values and beliefs of everyone involved.

When an organisation creates a strong culture the results are powerful, firstly employees have a clear understanding of how they are expected to respond to situations that may arise and also have a very clear vision of what the organisation stands for and values. Secondly, employees are aware that they will be rewarded for supporting the organisations values and what distinguishes them from other organizationsand finally theywill prosper in such a strong cultural environment.

In conclusion, culture transformation is a concentrated change of behaviours towards achieving a shared goal. It’s an intensive effort, but, in the long run maintaining the change will assist your organisations culture to grow and evolve towards reaching your objectives, change how your employees think and how your stake holders, clients and customers perceive you, attract and help to retain better employees and influence how they think, act and deliver your products to your clients and customers.

A dysfunctional culture will lead to a toxic, non-productive and inefficient work environment where employees are disengaged, unhappy, absent due to being in an unhappy workplace and experiencing low morale and not performing to their full potential.

Why hire a culture transformation coach?

Hiring a culture transformation coach offers an external perspective to see things that otherwise cannot be seen and to ask questions that others may not ask and to hold the space while these questions are answered and engaging others in conversations about what is happening in the organisation.

A culture transformation coach assists in the facilitation of organisational change, development and learning through conversations and discussions. The coach acts as a guide for the organisation on the journey towards the desired culture, focusing on building the existing strengths, emphasising on development and growth, while shining a light on the unwritten rules, myths, behaviour traits and patterns, at the same time assisting in aligning the organisations values by utilising strong coaching techniques and practices. The coach assists in delivering cultural change and helps the organisation achieve the results faster and develop a bespoke culture transformation programme customised to the unique needs of the organisation.

Benefits of culture transformational coaching

  • Improved safety
  • More engaging employees
  • Assists in the development of people and performance
  • Assists in the commitment to new leadership behaviours
  • Improves creativity
  • Improved delegation
  • Increased team work and performance
  • Improved collaborative working skills
  • Assists in identifying and finding solutions to problems
  • Increased stake holder, customer and client satisfaction
  • Turn around poor performance
  • Improved management of difficult situations and conversations