What is Clarity coaching?

Clarity Coaching is when a coach works with their clients to assist them in increasing confidence, making sense of their mental clutter, assist with a decisions and problems they may be struggling with, conflicts they are trying to shift, gaining motivation and clarity around their objectives, goals, values, actions and results when they have become side tracked and unsure where to go next and unsure of their meaning, life purpose or what to do next in life.
Clarity coaching assists the client to dig beneath the surface and really understand themselves, their importance, their values, their hopes and dreams and make sense of any uncertain and challenging situations that may present themselves.

What is a Clarity coach?

Clarity coaches help clients to understand clearly about themselves, about their goals, dreams, aspirations, values, motives and things in their life they perceive as challenges, obstacles or problems and help them deeply understand any overwhelming and challenging situations they may be in and what they want in life as opposed to trying to attain things they think they want.
They assist clients to gain a better understanding of themselves, their dreams, goals and life purpose by understanding their own thought processes, identifying where clarity is lacking in their life and assist in helping them see what they may be missing and gaining new perspectives in life.

Benefits of clarity coaching

  • You get a listening and accountability partner
  • You get an external perspective that will take you out of your comfort zone
  • Learn strategies and techniques to eliminate procrastination
  • Assists in identifying and building strengths
  • Assists in getting clarity around your situation and improving performance
  • Increases happiness and fulfilment
  • Assists in understanding your thought process
  • Assists in achieving dreams and goals
  • Increases self-awareness and engagement
  • Assists in challenging assumptions and separating the story from facts
  • Assists you in seeing where aspects in your life may be missing
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Assists to develop strong leadership skills
  • Provides clarity to unlock the obstacles that hold you back in your life
  • Builds greater focus and empowerment
  • Provides clarity in your direction in life and what you want to achieve
  • Improved focus and performance
  • Identifies and eliminates the roadblocks you put in your way on the road to lasting success